Facilities Design and Construction

The Cokinos facilities design group is experienced with all types of pipeline transportation projects. Our team has successfully completed projects as simple as gas gathering lines to the more complex, large diameter, high pressure pipeline design and construction assignments.

We have expertise with international crude oil systems as well as off-shore mainline systems and will provide your organization with the solution that best fits your requirements.

Please contact us so we can demonstrate how Cokinos Energy can make it happen faster, cheaper and without sacrificing quality.

Administrative Services

Improperly handled federal, state and local regulations can slow or even stop your production. Cokinos Administrative Services group ensures these agencies stay out of your business and that taxes are paid in a timely and accurate manner.

If you choose, we can also help with local agencies like the Texas Railroad Commission or Louisiana Conservation Commission. Cokinos can even handle the complex and time consuming job of disbursing your royalty and working interest revenues.