Cokinos Energy provides a complete menu of services

Established in 1982, Cokinos Energy Corporation is a full service oil and gas marketing and trading company. Cokinos has served both on and off-shore energy producers and is a reliable supplier of oil and natural gas to both refiners and gas end-users.

Cokinos provides a complete menu of services including:

  • Oil and gas marketing and trading
  • Gas control and scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Transportation services
  • Production management
  • Facilities design and construction
  • Revenue disbursement
  • Severance tax payments
We provide a one stop shop where independent producers can access the same marketing, logistics and administrative capabilities as the majors, without building and maintaining a large staff.

Michael Cokinos, President and CEO

Fields We Specialize In

Oil / Terminal

Our logistics network encompasses trucks, barges and railcars to move crude wherever you need it and when you need it. Cokinos Oil Company provides shipping of crude oil to key refineries along the Gulf Coast.


Cokinos Energy provides a full range of gas purchasing, aggregating, balancing, transporting and marketing solutions tailored to meet individual client needs.

Liquified Natural Gas

Cokinos Energy has been in the LNG sector for a number of years and has developed considerable relationships with LNG terminals and LNG tanker owners.

Midstream Services

Cokinos Energy provides a wide array of production management services; gathering facility / oil receiving facility installation and management.